Welcome Neighbors!
Welcome Neighbors!

Some say Miss Cordelia’s is a progressive grocery experience. Others describe us as a throwback to a time when a trip to the store didn’t mean aisles longer than football fields.  We maintain that Miss Cordelia’s is, simply, a comfortable shopping experience for everyone who walks through our doors.  We pride ourselves on our speed of service, our customer care and the dedication it takes to become a trusted partner in our customer’s lives.  Each of our department managers is hands on in their department and they always welcome questions from our customers.



Our Story
Our Story

How it all began

During the late 80s, housing construction on the Island was booming with new residents enjoying their freedom from suburbia through the unique, new urban environment called Harbor Town.  A gorgeous view of the Mississippi River, beautiful homes, and a small walk-able community were sure signs of a true neighborhood.


One thing was missing.  A true neighborhood grocery- a throwback to a time when the local grocer was closer to home.  Harbor Town’s founder wanted a grocery that would be a short walk away, a place where neighbors could gather, a place that could be be the center of town without distracting from the town itself.


Hence, Miss Cordelia’s was born.  Named after Harbor Town developer Henry Turley’s mother, Miss Cordelia’s is exactly that neighborhood grocery.


Reflecting its namesake, Miss Cordelia’s sparks with the southern charm upon which it was founded.  Sadly, Miss Cordelia is no longer with us, but her values and sense of community remain.  She loved being at the store and love the comfortable feeling it provides.  We at Miss Cordelia’s hope you will as well.


Miss Cordelia’s is proud to host many of your local favorites in an easy to shop, air conditioned environment.  We want to be the place you know you can find your favorites any day of the week.

Our local products include:

Tom’s Tiny Kitchen Pimento
Las Delicias
Lady D’s Chicken Salad
J. Brooks Coffee
McCarter Coffee
Delta Pecans
Made From Scratch Cookie Company
Memphis Marinades
InBalance Environmentally Balanced Products
Mi-Me Bath and Beauty Products
My Cup of Tea
Rojo Gold Salsa
The Uptown Grocer
Skinny South
Bonnie Blue Farms
All Shook Up Kettle Corn
Groovy Foods
Frantic Chocolates
The Rendezvous
Silky O’Sullivan’s
The Neely’s
Aunt Lizzie’s Cheese Straws
Delta Grind
Hodum Honey
Oxford Falls
Sonny Salt
Kentucky Chili Company
Wax Bistro
Yellow Fever
Ashley’s Africa
Germantown Commissary
Hollis Ultimate
Harris Farms
Claybrook Farms
Sonny Salt

And More!!!

What’s New

New Product

New Product

Latest Recipes

Store Hours

Open 7 A.M. - 10 P.M.
Monday - Sunday


Miss Cordelia's
737 Harbor Bend Road
Memphis TN 38103